1. The name of the Organization shall be BURNABY INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCERS CLUB, and herein referred to as THE CLUB.
  2. THE PURPOSES of the Burnaby International Folk Dancers Club shall be:
    1. To learn, teach and demonstrate folk dancing in order to preserve, promote and perpetuate the enjoyment of traditional dances from cultures throughout the world.
    2. To provide a healthy and fun form of exercise through the medium of dance in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.
    3. To encourage social interaction amongst peoples of different ethnic backgrounds through the medium of folk dances.
    4. To foster community spirit through involvement in multi-cultural events.
    5. To provide community service through education and dance demonstrations.
    The activities and purposes of the Club shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members. THE CLUB shall operate as a “not-for-profit” Club and any income, profits or other benefits, monies and/or accretions earned through the efforts of members shall be used only for the advancement and maintenance of The Club.

    Board Members or members can expect to be reimbursed for pre-approved expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred while conducting affairs pertaining to The Club and by providing all receipts/invoices.

    No organization or group of dancers will be allowed to use the name of BURNABY INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCERS CLUB, nor use the Burnaby International Folk Dancers Club logo, without the express permission of the Board Members and only when it is used with direct relation and promotion of Burnaby International Folk Dancers Club, and only when used for non-profit purposes.

    This provision is alterable.

BYLAWS of the BurnabyInternational Folk Dancers Club:

  1. Attendance and membership will be open to anyone who wishes to learn and dance folk dances.
  2. The Club will meet weekly, on a schedule set each year, for the purpose of folk dancing.
  3. The Club will set its attendance fees and membership dues by a majority vote at the AGM.  Membership dues are over and above the regular weekly attendance fees.
  4. Membership dues will be due by September 30th of each year.  With payment of dues, members are required to provide contact information.
  5. Members will be considered “in good standing” as long as dues are not more than six months in arrears.
  6. However, at the discretion of the Board, those who have been involved with The Club for over 20 years may be considered Honorary Life Time Members with no dues or fees required but may still have all privileges extended to them the same as those members “in good standing”.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Board.
  7. Only members “in good standing” can be elected to the Board of Directors and/or vote at the Annual General Meeting or Special Meetings and be involved with decisions pertaining to The Club.
  8. At the Annual General Meeting held each year, elections will be held for Directors/Officers (herein referred to as “The Board”)  to consist of:


    Their terms of office shall be one year and they may be re-elected to The Board at the next AGM.

    The Directors/Officers may at any time appoint a member as a Director/Officer to fill any Director/Officer vacancy.

    The members may, by special resolution, remove a Director/Officer before the expiration of his/her office and may elect a successor to serve until the next AGM.

    The Directors/Officers may, by a two-thirds vote of Directors/Officers present, remove a Director/Officer for any reason and appoint a replacement.  A Director/Officer subject to a vote for removal must be given at least seven days written notice of such a meeting and a brief description of the reasons. He will also be given the opportunity to defend in person or by agent prior to the vote being taken at the meeting.

    General Powers of Directors/Officers:
    The Directors/Officers may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as The Club may exercise and do, and which are not by these By-laws or by statute or otherwise lawfully directed or required to be exercised or done by The Club in the general meeting, but subject, nevertheless, to the provision of:

    1. all laws affecting The Club,
    2. these By-laws, and
    3. rules, not being inconsistent with these By-laws, which are made from time by The Club in the AGM.

    No rule made by The Club in the AGM invalidates a prior act of the Directors that would have been valid if that rule had not been made.

  9. Directors/Officers are not authorized to borrow money on behalf of The Club.
  10. The Board of Directors/Officers will have the authority to pre-approve expenses up to $200.00 for The Club purposes.  Anything over this amount will need a 2/3 majority approval by the membership.
  11. All members must receive notice of all meetings and specifics, AGM or Special or Extraordinary Meetings, two weeks in advance of such meetings.
  12. QUORUM:  Shall be 25% of members in good standing.  If a quorum is not present within one-half hour of the appointed starting time, the meeting shall stand adjourned for one week at the same time, in which case the number of members present shall constitute a quorum.  All members should be advised of such an adjourned meeting.
  13. By-Law changes will require a 2/3 majority vote of members present at a meeting.
  14. Voting by proxy is prohibited.
  15. The mailing address of The Club is currently that of Jane Kupfer at P2 – 620 Seventh Avenue,  New Westminster, V3M 5T6.  Should Jane wish this changed at any time, she need only make new arrangements with the current Board.



  • President shall chair meetings of The Club.
  • Shall sign cheques, together with the Treasurer or Vice-President
  • Shall sign all minutes and any other documents requiring her/his signature.
  • Shall have no vote unless said vote is to break a tie vote.
  • Should be familiar with the Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Shall set the time and place of all meetings of The Club and Directors/Officers.
  • In case of absolute necessity, the President may appoint a recording secretary from the members at large.


  • In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform all the Presidential duties.
  • Shall assist the President when required.
  • Shall sign cheques when either the President or Treasurer is unavailable


  • Shall confer with the President prior to each meeting and prepare an Agenda for use by the President.
  • Shall take a written roll call of the members present at each meeting.
  • Shall record the minutes of the meetings, which shall be kept in a labelled binder and available for reference at all meetings.
  • Shall read the minutes from the last AGM and any Special Meetings.
  • Shall sign the minutes, together with the President or Vice-President.
  • Shall keep By-Laws up-to-date for reference and available at all meetings.
  • Shall reply to all correspondence as authorized.


  • Shall receive and disperse all The Club funds as directed.
  • Shall sign cheques, together with the President or Vice-President.
  • Pay all bills as authorized.
  • Shall keep an accurate set of books, containing specifically, all The Club expenses and income.
  • Shall prepare an up-to-date Income and Expense Statement of The Club’s expenditures and incomes to present at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Shall prepare a projected income and expense statement to present at the Annual General Meeting to assist in any decisions regarding anticipated upcoming major expenses.



  • Shall compile a current list of those attending the weekly folk dancing, which will include names, phone numbers and e-mail (if available) as well as date they became members, if applicable, for reference.
  • Shall encourage those regularly attending weekly folk dancing to become a member.
  • Shall ensure that new members complete the form with name, address, phone number and e-mail (if available).
  • Shall enter new members’ names on the membership list and keep this list current.
  • Shall sign and issue all membership receipts for each current year.  Receipts may be distributed at the weekly folkdance session rather than being mailed.
  • Shall provide the Board Members with current and up-dated membership lists as frequently as possible.
  • The President should be supplied with an up-to-date membership list prior to any meetings being called.


Upon winding up or dissolution of Burnaby International Folk Dancers Club, the assets which remain after payment of all outstanding debts and expenses, shall be distributed to one or more established, non-profit organizations.

This is an unalterable clause.


These By-Laws may be amended at any members’ meeting provided that Notice of the Amendment was given at the previous meeting or that members are notified in writing or by e-mail of the amendment not less than two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

The amendment shall be approved by 2/3 of those members present.

(Constitution as Amended at meeting held April 9, 2007)