Performing is an additional activity enjoyed by six to ten dancers. In order to promote the club and raise a little money, performances, whether at a festival, school or a care facility, give us the opportunity to polish a few dances and to share our enjoyment with others. We perform and teach in the community. We encourage all dancers at any level to participate but it’s up to each dancer whether to participate in an upcoming performance. We meet some Saturdays to practice. It’s a good way to learn dances in a smaller group.

Teaching at Chinese Cultural Heritage Festival at Swangard Stadium on July 30, 2017

For more information contact us at gro.e1516631618cnadk1516631618lofyb1516631618anrub1516631618@dfib1516631618

Visit Events page for our upcoming performances.

Here are some past performances:

Kitsilano Showboat 2016

Vancouver Greek Summerfest 2013